A.K Azad(Founder Principal)

A.K Azad

Principal’s Message

It is a pleasure to announce the opening of a school after working for a long, more than a couple of decades in teaching with a vision primarily to serve the student a high quality education. The school is committed from its very beginning to ensure and up hold discipline and child safety in its premises. At this school we are dedicated to a student - centred program that promotes academic excellence through an enriched curriculum and a planned management of lesson given to the student. We are here support all of students by any means necessary, to ensure students reach their fullest potential

The school focuses on extracurricular activities al throughout the year. A significant improvement of student is noticed when he/she takes part in all extra curricular activities including  debate, poetry, art, science fair and attend competitions organized throughout the year. We do all of this to prepare our student for the demand of the real world, so that student become productive citizens, become our future leaders and contribute to the development the nation.

We create an academic environment in which everyone including parents, teachers and students feel homely, safe and understand each other, interact with one another in a pleasant manner so that students grow up without fear, learn how to appreciate the others and enlighten their knowledge to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

I look forward to working with all of you and thank you for being a part of the school. We are truly on the path of Greatness!


Founder Principal


International Prime School